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HTC One X Users

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:16 pm
by aioen

Re: HTC One X Users

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:19 am
by aioen
HTC One X Wifi issues caused by hardware:

However this thread is specifically for the confirmed (by the community & unfortunately me) hardware fault of a loose connection on the WIFI antenna.

If you are suffering from a really bad WIFI connection and think you may have this hardware fault, there is a simple test you can do.

The squeeze test.

Gently squeeze the side back of your phone, between the camera lens and the volume buttons, if your WIFI signal strength improves only to drop back down when you stop squeezing then you have this seemingly common fault. [See the following to better understand the “squeeze” test.

Source: Land of Droid