Tools: on{X} by microsoft, automate life!

Tools: on{X} by microsoft, automate life!

Postby aioen » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:06 am


Microsoft today introduced a new Android application which aims to automate your life with custom alerts and notifications. Called on{x}, the app lets users create somewhat detailed rules that run and/or respond to events on their handset or tablet. Let's say you want your phone to automatically tell your girlfriend where you are with exact coordinates every time she texts "where" to you. Done. Maybe you need an extra prompt to get your butt to the gym. You can configure on{X} to remind you should you skip out a few days in a row.

Example scenarios and rules on{X} could enable:

Show me the quickest route to work when I leave home
Launch the music app when I am running
Remind me to take an umbrella first time I unlock my device on a given day, if it is forecast to rain
Launch my calendar when I get to work
Remind me to visit the Gym if I haven't been there for 3 days

You can download on{X} from the Google Play Store today and get started with some notifications and alerts! NOTE: You will need to register with a Facebook ID. For more details on what on{X} is and how you might be able to harness its capabilities, head to the Bing blog.

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